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Welcome to Bramstein School of Applied Studies

We are a proprietary school licensed by the New York State Department of Education/BPSS. We offer training courses primarily designed to create learning and employment opportunities for individuals who wish to work in the various fields of the Allied Health, Business and Technology. Our programs are designed with our students in mind. Please take your time in checking our website in its entirety. If you cannot find the info you need from our webpage, kindly talk to us at 631-450-4949. Thank you for enrolling at Bramstein School of Applied Studies!

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Our Mission Statement

- Ensures access to anyone who aspires to learn technical/vocational skills - Maintains instruction of the highest quality - Provides opportunities with quality certificates and diplomas’ programs of lifelong learning, academic excellence, earning outcomes and student success.

Meet Our Faculty and Staff

Our students receive instruction from instructor/faculty who are also professionals themselves. Our trainers possess the necessary certifications and field experiences that allow them to become qualified in training our students. CLICK HERE »

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