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Bramstein School of Applied Studies aims to produce quality professionals who possess the capabilities and expertise to render services in their respective fields. The quality training we provide is even better when competent instructor/faculty and instructors facilitate our courses.

group of medical staffOur instructor/faculty are professionals themselves. They have acquired expertise and experience in the industry for several years. As such, they are able to impart theories and practical lessons when it comes to providing patient care, monitoring patient condition, operating equipment, and more.

Each trainer holds a certification that is relevant to the discipline he or she is providing training for. At the same time, we verify the accuracy of their certifications, backgrounds, and other records to ensure that our students are learning only from the best.

We are excited to have our instructor/faculty teach our students with the things they know. For inquiries, you can always get in touch with us at 631-450-4949.

Carol Reid, RN
Allied Health Director

Robin Heaslip, RN, BS
Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide / Personal Care Aide Instructor

Nadge Marcena, LPN
Clinical Externship Instructor

Jean Leroy, FMG
EKG/PHLEB, Central Sterile Technician Instructor

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