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The BRAMSTEIN SCHOOL OF APPLIED STUDIES offers a training program for Nurse Aides who wish to become Certified Home Health Aides. This is an intensive and comprehensive course that includes lab skills training, classroom sessions, and hands-on clinical experience.

We help students learn about their future roles as home health aides when they will be tasked to care for patients in hospitals, nursing homes or private homes. We also teach our students effective time management and proper documentation methods when caring for their patients.

The course covers patient care fundamentals such as:

  • Medical knowledge
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
  • Infection Control and Prevention of Common Diseases
  • Mobility Support and Transfers
  • Meals Assistance and Feeding
  • Personal Hygiene Maintenance
  • Handling psychosocial issues

Keep visiting our website for upcoming class schedules. We hope to see you in class soon.